Leadership In Catholic Education

Leadership in any school is imperative to success. A leader needs to have a vision, passion, courage, a persuasive nature, responsible, community building, judgment making skills, and be able to build relationships. While these skills are important for success in a school, a Catholic school leader has additional tasks to complete. Catholic school leaders need to lead in matters of faith. They need to lead a community with a Christ-centered focus that makes students, staff, faculty, parents, and stakeholders all strive to develop a more personal relationship with the Lord.

Leadership in Catholic education is not easy. It takes commitment to the school and to the faith. Decisions in Catholic education need to be focused on students, the community, and the faith. By reflecting upon the needs of a school, a Catholic leader needs to model the faith for the community. They need to be present and take a participatory role in the activities that lead the community to a stronger relationship with God.

I asked my students what they feel makes a good Catholic leader. I thought it would be interesting to see how they see the role of a faith leader. Their answers were inspiring to me. Here are some of their answers:

  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Prays
  • Outgoing
  • Loving
  • Sharing
  • Creative
  • Fair
  • Welcoming
  • Positive
  • Peaceful
  • Loyal
  • Exciting
  • Strong
  • United
  • Cooperative
  • Serious
  • Holy
  • Fun

Wow! Some of these ideas we may tend to overlook in our role as a Catholic leader! Yet, most of these terms describe the life of Jesus. We must model ourselves after Christ in all that we do as a leader in Catholic education.

Over this week, I will be writing about those Catholic leaders that I have found inspiring in my Catholic education career and experiences. These Catholic leaders are more than just administrators. Catholic leaders in education range from principals, priests, parents, students, teachers, to staff! Leaders are those who live the message of the Catholic faith for the purpose of educating our students! I’m excited to share these stories!

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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