Spring is coming!

The weather over the past few days has become more and more pleasant. I can easily tell that my students are getting more and more excited about this pleasant weather. Nothing beats going outside for recess. I don’t have anything wrong with indoor recess, as it is a necessity, but outdoor recess is something great! Even though, this year my students were amazing with indoor recess. I saw so much team building, extra work being done, and I heard so much laughter…that’s what recess is about!

Spring is a time for growth. It’s a time for forgiveness and new starts. This is a time of year that I feel we need to see students in the same way that we see the seasons…we need to recognize their growth in learning throughout the year;  in socialization; and as individuals. We also need to be forgiving of their mistakes. This is a long stretch of school that they are facing. It isn’t an easy process. They are getting worn out, they are getting fidgety, they are being kids! We need to realize that they are seeing the sunshine more, they are feeling the warmer temperatures…they want to be more active and growing just like the world around them is doing! We need to embrace their excitement for the new season, the upcoming break, and the end of the school year.

Students are eager to learn. I see it everyday! They question, respond, and want to be a part of the “more” of the content. I feel inspired by this. They make me want to look into our topics even deeper. They ask questions that make me start to wonder and provide me with so much excitement to learn! This Spring season is a time for me to look deeper into what I can do for my students. I want to know where I can help my school community out the most. Where that is, I do not know. I just have to trust that God will place me where I need to be. I need to trust that God will use me where He sees that I am best. I also need to trust that He will help me grow wherever I am.

Spring truly is my favorite season. I feel so much joy seeing everything come back and grow. This is also probably why I associate teaching best with the season of Spring. I am looking forward to spending the end of this school year with these amazing students. I can’t wait to see them grow and learn with so much excitement at the end of this year. I’m also excited to see how they progress as they move ahead in their education. These students are the reason I love what I do! They energize my passion for education, but more importantly, Catholic education. I have seen their growth in the relationship with Christ that they have and I have grown in my relationship with Christ as well.

I hope that you all enjoy this upcoming season of Spring. I hope that you grow and learn throughout these couple of months. I also hope that you find a renewed excitement and passion for your relationship with Christ.

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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