Parents…Just WOW!

Over the past 8 weeks, the World, and especially the education world, has been drastically transformed. We have seen so much shut down. We have seen schools just shuttered and students being directed to learn from home. Teachers were told within minutes that students would no longer be teaching in front of a classroom but rather you will have to teach in front of a computer screen.

These are not the “normals” that we educators are used to. This is not the reality that we expected. Yet, we did not stop and we did not just give in. We developed a system that we feel best fit our students and our community. We wanted to make sure that our students continued to receive an education that they well deserve. Is it the ideal way that I would like to teach? No, it’s not…but it is the way that I will continue to teach as long as I have students that want to learn!

While educators have made great changes in our teaching styles and routines, we need to look at another major driving force that has made this change possible…the parents. Parents are in a new way of living. They have been asked to jump into a world that they never expected to be a part of. They have changed their homes, rooms, and way of living to the education of their child. For this, educators need to be truly grateful.

I’ve said this since I started teaching…parents need to be our allies in education! We need to provide parents with the most amount of resources possible to make our education of their child to be the most effective. We need to provide clear communication with families. We need them to work with us and we need to work with them.

These past 8 weeks have exemplified this point to the max! Where would we be without the parents? How effective would this system be if the parents weren’t there to support the educators? I keep reading that hopefully there will be a greater appreciation for educators after all of this, but I want to look at it the other way as well. Hopefully there’s a greater appreciation for the parents of our students as well.

Hopefully, once everything returns to “normal” in the education world, we will see a greater partnership in education among parents and educators. We need each other. We need to continue to do what is best for the students, but educators can’t do it alone. We need parents to be right beside us. We need to walk through the education world as a team to support the future of world. We need to see that our work is a joint effort rather than a one-sided process.

As we continue this school year and begin to prepare for next school year, we need to work together to design a process that covers all supports for education. Schools need to work with families as they are, and always will be, the primary educators of students. It is for this reason that I have to say “Wow!” to all of the parents.

Parents…we need you! We need your support! We are so grateful for your support! You are making this happen! Don’t ever forget that teachers are here to support you in anyway that we can! This year you have been given a great challenge that you have stepped up to and made work. Is it the smoothest system? No, but it will improve. We will work together to make this the best system possible. But, again, WOW! for everything that you are doing!

Parents, don’t give up! Don’t give in! Keep pushing forward and know that we will get through these next few weeks together! Just remember that this educator can only say “WOW!” for everything that you are doing! Thank you!

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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