Change and Where It Leads

This post has been one of the hardest to even begin and especially write. It’s a post that I’ve been ready to write but also one that I don’t even know how to begin. I am writing a post announcing a change in my career but also it’s not a change. I’m writing to say that starting July 1, I will become the principal at St. Anselm School!

I have been looking forward to this opportunity for many years. When I first started in education, I always felt that I would end up in administration. I’m not sure what made me feel that way, but I just always felt that it would be where I would end up. Now, I am there.

Along my journey to becoming a principal, I have had many challenges. I have had rejections, close calls, and many no responses to applying. Yet, through all of these moments, I never stopped. Do I know why I faced all of these challenges? No, I don’t. What I do know is that I used every challenge I faced to prepare me for the opportunity to I am about to embrace.

As I went through my journey as a teacher, I am so grateful for every class, student, family, and teacher I worked with. Every person I encountered has provided me some bit of knowledge that made me a better teacher and person. From my first start in education at the high school level, to my subbing experiences in North Ridgeville and VA-SJ, I gained valuable knowledge. When I entered into the administrative realm of education I started with my internship at St. Ignatius High School. I worked with the great administrators there that supported me and still support me to this day. For each one of these people, I am so thankful!

As I continued on in education, I went to the elementary level and joined the community of St. Michael in Independence. It was there that I began working at the elementary level for the first time. I found 5th grade to be one of the best grade levels to teach. I also was given some administrative responsibilities that made my drive to become an administrator even stronger. I had my moments of challenges during my time there, but I grew from them and I know that I will be a better administrator because of them.

I then moved on to Communion of Saints School in Cleveland Heights, where I started teaching 5th grade again and in the same classroom number as I previously had…Room 210! It was here that I approached the principal early on and asked for even more guidance to help develop my administrative skills. I was granted several responsibilities that helped me understand the intricacies of administration and even more about the responsibilities the position has. I know that I am better prepared for my next role in education because of the guidance and support that I received.

I also am grateful for the teachers that I have worked with over the past 12 years in my career as an educator. I have found educators that have become more than my colleagues but rather my friends. I have found educators that I know I can trust and lean on. You might be surprised by this, but being an educator is not an easy job! I am so grateful for those that I have worked with as a teacher and I know that you have helped prepare me for my next role as a principal.

I am also grateful for the families that I have worked with over the years. Their support of me and the ideas they have shared have helped me to understand the needs of the community and how to effectively communicate with these critical stakeholders of a school community. I appreciate the support that they have provided me and I have truly grown in my desire to lead a school community because of the families I have worked with.

Most importantly, my desire to become a principal has been led by the students I have had in class and encountered throughout the schools I have been. Each student has made me better. Every student has found a way to impact me as an educator. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the students. Now I am excited that I am able to be the lead learner of a school and support each and every student in a school.

Change, for me, is very difficult. Once I become connected to a school community, I find it very difficult to leave. Yet, this change is not my doing. I keep reminding myself that I am not where I want to be, but rather where I need to be. Being in Catholic education is a vocation and not a job. I am called to be a principal. Yes, I want to be a principal and yes, I want to be at St. Anselm. It is where I am called to go. Will I miss Communion of Saints School? Absolutely. Will I forever be grateful for the opportunity that they provided me? Absolutely. Change is what I need to do. Change is leading me to become a leader.

I thank you for your continued support and prayers as I prepare for my next role as principal of St. Anselm School.

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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  1. Adam, I’m so happy for you, Congratulations!!!!! You have worked so hard for this and deserve this position as Principal! Good Luck on your new journey!!

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