My #OneSong2017…Give Me Your Eyes

As I chose my #OneWord2017, which is Perspective, I later learned of another hashtag movement called #OneSong2017. I’m a big lover of music and lyrics, so I knew this was something that I needed to look into! I started reflecting and trying to decide what my one song would be that would help inspire me and remind me of my one word and my goals. There are so many great songs to consider, but one song really stood out to me…Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath.

The song starts off by a man in a plane looking out a window of a plane considering how great the view is of the world, but once he lands he starts to see people scattering everywhere through the airport and he starts to wonder why he never cared about these people. Then he starts to ask God to give him His eyes for just one second so he can see all those internal struggles that people are facing that they never show.

He also asks for God’s eyes so he can see all those unforgotten people that he has not seen in his personal life. He asks God to give him a new perspective on life. He wants to see the world from the perspective of recognizing that life is more than just about him. He needs to realize that life is about those internal struggles that people just can’t tell to everyone. He wants the eyes to be able to see the love for humanity that God has.

This song summarizes my personal journey as well. I love what I do and I enjoy my work, yet there are times when I become complacent in what I do and I need to recognize that my students may have some other concerns are issues that they just cannot tell me. These issues will impact their learning for that day or time, but I need to show that compassion and caring for them regardless of these issues. I need the perspective to see the learning through their eyes.

I need the eyes of my fellow teachers so I can see how they reach certain students differently than I do. I need to see how their interactions make a positive impact on student growth. I also need to see how they see me.

I need the eyes of all involved so I can learn perspectives of the education taking place at my school. I cannot look at education only through my eyes, but I need the eyes of all involved who care about the success of our students.

Give Me Your Eyes is a powerful song for me. I need to take the time to use the eyes of others to grow in my own education and future plans. I need to use the eyes to see how I’m growing as a teacher and as a educational leader. I need to use the eyes to develop ways to better build relationships.

Give Me Your Eyes for just one second; Give me your eyes so I can see, everything that I keep missing, give me your love for humanity! Give me your eyes!

My #OneSong2017

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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