The Arts and Education

My school is currently in the rehearsal process of their upcoming musical. I attend as many rehearsals as possible since I enjoy the process of seeing a show come together and I assist on stage crew for the production. Even if I didn’t assist with the show, I would still find a way to be involved, because I feel that the arts are essential to the growth of students in many different ways.

When I see a student start to discuss the possibility of auditioning for a show, I get excited. It’s a great feeling seeing a student take a risk and step outside of their comfort zone to show their gifts and talents. I’ve seen so many students that I never would have imagined participating in a show that amaze me everyday. It is also great seeing students excited throughout the school day because they’re anticipating play practice after school!

There’s more to why I support the arts than simply having students excited for play practice. Students need an outlet for their creative side. Students also need a place where they can get their creative side flowing. Hearing new music…learning dance moves…reading a script…putting their minds into a world that is beyond their own can allow students to utilize skills that they are learning in class to new use! Perhaps, they could learn a new skill in theatre and apply it to class!

I grew up in the theatre. I was in my first show at the age of 8. 28 years later and I’m still involved with theatre! I know I’ve used my “acting” skills many times throughout my educational career. Having some acting training surely does go a long when a lesson doesn’t go exactly as planned (which of course never happens!). Improvisational skills are great skills to have!

I truly believe that I would not be in the education field if I had never been involved in theatre. I grew in my ability to express my thoughts and develop greater creativity skills because of growing up in theatre. I also gained valuable skills when I worked on stage crew and set building. If I never grew my confidence in being in front of large crowds, I probably would never have felt it possible to be a teacher.

Theatre isn’t the only area of arts that I find important. Drawing, graphic design, sculpting, and photography also are important. Not all students are going to be working in an office. Not all students are going to be lawyers or doctors. There are students that need to be in a more creative field. A field where they can show their abilities through drawing, computer arts, or photography. As a society, we need these professions. We need the arts in school so we can best serve all students.

I am excited to see my students in their upcoming musical. Being a part of this performance is going to mean so much to me. Their ability to grow socially and artistically is amazing. These students are going to make our school look great! It’s only because of the arts that we can see the greatness in all of our students.

Author: acottos

I'm a 4/5 social Studies teacher who is passionate about education and working for what is best for students. I am an aspiring educational leader who is looking forward to working as a principal or school leader to help further the education of my students and staff.

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